I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.

The Naivety Of Rosaura In The Stolen Party By Liliana Heker

The ability to learn and master a specific skill through experience is a benefit. It helps people learn the consequences and grow in wisdom. It can help you overcome your fears and learn new ways of looking at the world. Unfortunately, some experiences can be detrimental to someone’s life. An experience can help an individual understand society’s cruelties and the truth. Rosaura longs to be accepted in the story “The Stolen Party”, written by Liliana Sheker. Although she attempts hard, she is unable to accept the harsh reality of society. Rosaura’s innocence clouded Rosaura’s judgement and she believes that she is being invited as a regular guest to a rich girl’s party. She believes she is treated like any other guest and doesn’t understand what is actually happening. Rosaura discovers that her class makes it difficult to be treated with respect. Rosaura was treated as an employee and not as a friend. Her innocence is now lost. Liliana Hecker explains the social differences and how experiences can change people’s perspectives and ways of thinking. According to their social standing, they will treat people differently.

Rosaura, an 8 year old girl, is hopeful when she gets invited to a rich girl’s party. Rosaura is told by her mother that she doesn’t like Rosaura going to the rich party. Rosaura’s mother telling Rosaura straight away “I don’t want you going” implies that her mother is trying protect her daughter. But Rosaura is innocent. She doesn’t get what her mother is trying. She reacts with the statement “I’ll be dead if you don’t go”. She exaggerates her ignorance and says that she will die if she doesn’t go to the party. Rosaura insists on her desire to attend the party. She says that she went because Luciana invited me… It’s so there. She doesn’t get it. She thinks she’s a guest, but she is actually being used as a host at the party. Her mother tries to explain the truth to her by saying “That one is not your friend.” What do you know about them? That’s the maid’s girl, that’s who. Rosaura denies that Rosaura sees herself as the maid’s child. She still begs for her freedom. Because she doesn’t understand her mother, this shows her naivety. Her mother finally gives in to her daughter’s wishes and lets her go experience it for herself the next morning. Rosaura finishes her makeup and admires her reflection in the mirror. She has her white dress on and shiny hair. The white dress symbolises her innocence because it symbolizes purity. She’s eager to get there, and she has high hopes. Rosaura arrives eagerly to join the party and is excited to be asked to work in the kitchen. Rosaura’s enthusiasm increases when Senora Ines explains that “yes, you” refers to going into a kitchen. While this makes Rosaura feel important and desired, it isn’t a pleasant situation as she is the only one being paid. Guests don’t usually go into the kitchen, as it is the place where all the preparations are made and guests should have fun. Rosaura helps in the kitchen but guests usually have the option to spend time in the living and other areas. Except when she serves guests, Rosaura isn’t allowed to leave her kitchen. While she knows that she is being used in some way, it is still not clear to her. She finds helping others fun. She starts to feel more connected as time passes, especially when she sees the monkey perform magic before everyone else. Rosaura gets excited when Luciana tells her “don’t reveal it to anyone, because that’s a surprise”. Rosaura’s joy and happiness is increased when Luciana says “don’t tell anyone, because it’s a surprise!” Although she thinks she is fitting right in, she really is just enjoying the special treatment. Rosaura enjoyed the task so much that everyone shouted at her “Me, me!” when it was time for the cake to be cut. She feels important because it makes her feel special. However, she is still young and doesn’t understand why this was an order rather than a privilege. She believes that all the people calling her are because she is popular, and she finally fits in. She feels special when she hears everyone calling out to her. However, she is actually mistaking it. People want the cake, and she happens be the one serving it. Rosaura, who still believes she can fit in with everyone, is still oblivious of what is happening as the end draws near.

Finally, the party ends. In exchange for her innocence, she is forced to confess that she cannot fit in the higher class. Her mother is waiting to pick her, and they wait in line at the entrance for her gift. Rosaura is delighted and thrilled that she receives one. However, Senora Ines discovers two bills in Rosaura’s hand as she “rummages” in her purse. At this point, she realises her true role in the party and the reason she was there. Senora Ines also said, “You really, truly earned this…Thanks for all your help,” which shows she worked hard to earn it, rather than simply getting it because she was there. She recognizes that she’s not like everyone else, and where she stands in the social hierarchy. She realized what was happening and instinctively pressed her mother against her body. That was it. Except for her eyes. Rosaura’s eyes were cold and clear and fixed on Senora Ines.” This is a sign that her mother was right and Rosaura finds safety and comfort when she’s with her. While she knows that her mom will be there to protect her, she is also furious at how she was treated. Rosaura is relieved that her mother is there to comfort her. Rosaura was not aware of the situation but her mother wanted her to understand it. Rosaura is taught a lesson by her mother, who lets Rosaura go to the party.

“Rosaura’s cold, clear eyes fixed themselves on Senora Ine’s face.” This suggests that she is mad but doesn’t want her eyes to be anywhere else. She can’t believe she was right, and is left with no choice but to stare at Senora Ine. She is able to recognize the differences in social classes. This allows her to get a different gift and be treated differently than other guests.


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