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Overview Of The Fallacy Of Race And Its Consequences

It is important to understand the fallacy behind race before we can learn about its evolution. False claims are fallacies based on incorrect assumptions. They result from a logically inaccurate analysis and thus undermine the validity of any argument. A fallacy is simply a false assumption about race.

This fallacy has always been based on the othering. Othering means to distinguish yourself from a different group by comparing their characteristics. It is human nature to identify with a group of ‘us,’ as opposed to a large group of ‘them.’ When there is an othering, nuances are lost, i.e. subtle differences and distinctiveness. It is common to portray the other group as barbaric or monstrous. A good example is when Europeans colonized other countries, they called them savages or barbarians. It was also because this falsehood suited the agendas of powerful individuals. Most of the influential people in the past were white men. They had clearly developed political agendas which favored this group.

This fallacy led to many stereotypes. This fallacy led to many stereotypes, i.e. E.g. Chinese people do well in math. The media, film and television also perpetuate stereotypes that make it appear acceptable to classify black people in this way. There have actually been many studies that focus on stereotypes in relation to race. Brooker did a study back in 2001 that asked students if a Star Wars film had stereotyping. The majority of students stated that the film was badly written but did not have stereotyping.

Institutionalized racism is a term that describes racial stereotypes and fallacies that become embedded in social norms and laws. Even though it doesn’t cause physical violence it can contribute to emotional/psychological violence. E.g. The white parents do not want their children attending a school with more black students or where a black student is amongst dozens of white pupils. The property values of suburbs that were dominated by white residents fell when black residents moved in. White people then sold their homes and left the area. Racial prejudice also causes a lack in representation, as employers tend to hire whites only because they have more education and experience. It can also lead a ‘white priviledge’. They are so deeply rooted into the culture and norms of society that they can even be held by progressives. It can also cause a ‘white terrorism’ in which people view the loss or ‘white privileges’ as a threat to their culture. Hence, we see mosque shootings and attacks on ghettos and black neighborhood areas.

This fallacy can have serious emotional consequences. They are often not visible but can still be damaging. These consequences are also violent. Even though the majority of laws today do not discriminate based on race, it is still a very important aspect in our society.


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