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Dulwich Pulls Out Of Thai Partnership

Today, concerns were raised over the exploitation of private school brands for profit as Dulwich College withdrew from a deal in Thailand due to "management differences" with the Thai investor behind the project. The master of Dulwich College, Graham Able, ceased his involvement with Dulwich College International in Phuket, after investor Arthit Ourairat, a former Thai government minister, insisted on greater control over the school’s operations. As a result, the Thai institution must now change its name. Mr. Able stated that "if the school is going to bear our name, we have to be satisfied that there are checks and balances to ensure there is the right academic balance, sensible standards, and is run according to Dulwich ideals." Dulwich College was instrumental in running the school in Thailand, selecting headteachers, conducting annual inspections, and overseeing future plans, as well as designing the school buildings and curriculum. Mr. Able claimed that the Thai investor wished to limit the college’s role to only the academic programme, which was unacceptable. The Financial Times reported that Mr. Ourairat had sent an email to the parents of students at the school, informing them that the school would be called the British International College of Thailand from June 24th. Numerous public schools with global reputations, such as Harrow, Shrewsbury, and Bromsgrove, have foreign outposts, primarily in Asia, including Dulwich College, which has two additional establishments in China, with additional sites slated for the future. Unlike the Thai school, the school operates under different agreements in China that provide more authority over the schools’ governance.


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